“FACTS” is a Valley thing

Since 1935 when Grandpa Norman started Valley Cartage with his “You call. We haul.” motto, we’ve prided ourselves on getting things done and getting them done right. But, of course, we need to have a little fun along the way, too.

We are committed to these 5 core values that drive us every day:

  • Family – We build long-lasting relationships both inside and outside our organization on a foundation of fun. Our support for one another is based on open, honest, and responsible communication.
  • Accountability – We relentlessly take ownership of our contribution and a willingness to be measured by the expectations we create for our teams, our organization, and our clients.
  • Commitment – We tenaciously create 100% customer and co-worker satisfaction to ensure loyalty to, and longevity of, our unique value in this industry.
  • Trust – We trust ourselves, our co-workers, and our Leadership to seek, understand, communicate, and perform at the highest levels of our abilities as individuals and as an organization.
  • Serve – We do whatever it takes to understand our customers’ business, as well as our own business, to ensure the highest levels of success for all.

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