Wilbur What The What?

That “F” in our “F.I.S.H.P.I.E.S” Set of Core Values? It Stands for “Fun.”

We are very serious about everything logistics at VC, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun once in awhile, right? Our fearless leader, Todd Gilbert, let the cat out of the bag one day that his nickname is “Wilbur.” It just so happened that our marketing team was in the room, and you could hear the wheels turning in their heads as soon as this little piece of information was mentioned.

The result? A fun social media campaign called “Wilbur What The What?” It’s where we take an animated version of Wilbur and bring him to life and touch on relevant topics to VC, but with a bit of a twist to entertain. We hope you enjoy the fun we’re having with him by watching a few of the videos below, and come back every so often, as we’ll be freshening them up as continue to make them!

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