We Love Supporting Student-Athletes

Our current roster of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) student-athletes includes a range of personalities, all with St. Croix Valley roots. Meet the Valley NIL team:

Cole Godbout

Nose Tackle, University of Wyoming Football

Graduate of Hudson High School, Hudson, WI

“Since partnering with VC I have been more financially stable. VC has allowed me to get some much needed training to help further my career. As a student athlete my life is full of stress whether it be from school or football but since partnering with VC I can say whole heartedly that that stress is starting to go away.”

Carson Hinzman

Offensive Line, Ohio State University Football

Graduate of St. Croix Central High School, Hammond, WI

“Working with Valley Companies has been an awesome experience that I hope can continue long into the future. It means a lot to me because you have to be careful of who you sign and partner with within NIL and college football. That’s why I’m so thankful to be part of a community with which I share common goals and values.”

Bennett Swavely

University of Minnesota Golf

Graduate of Hudson High School, Hudson, WI

“The opportunity to be able to represent VC has been incredible. VC and their support has opened doors for me that I didn’t think would be possible so far in my life. It’s very freeing when you know you have a company that supports you in all aspects of life. Their guidance through life, school, and golf has been very valuable.”

“We’re doing NIL differently than a lot of other companies. We are committed to supporting our community, and becoming mentors, coaches, and partners to these incredible student-athletes. Our desire to help them extends off the field and out of the classroom; we dive into their post-graduation goals and aspirations to help them achieve and succeed in the next phase of life. They’re more than just athletes to us; they’re family.”
– Todd Gilbert, President & CEO, Valley Companies
Want to become a Valley Companies NIL student-athlete?