If you’ve ever worked in logistics, you know just how important the last leg of delivery can be. It can be complex, particularly regarding big and bulky LTL shipments. Fortunately, Valley Final Mile is here to help! The final piece of the puzzle is the end game and, ultimately, what ensures that your customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently.

Awkward and bulky shipments bring with them a unique set of challenges. As the name implies, they are hefty, large, and require special handling. Additionally, Final Mile service often delivers to residential areas with winding streets, low-hanging trees, parked cars, and customers not used to receiving orders on large trucks. We also offer three levels of service to fit every budget and shipment need.

Three Levels of Service:

  • Basic: Includes curbside, garage, or inside delivery on a skid
  • Standard: Inside delivery to the room of choice includes de-skidding
  • Premium: Inside delivery to room of choice, unpacking, minor assembly (no tools or Flatpack/KD furniture), and debris removal

Valley Final Mile has the expertise to handle these challenges with ease. We begin communicating when the order is registered with VFM. The end customer receives a message from Valley informing them we have their order, where to track it, and how they can contact Valley with questions. Next, we contact them to set up their delivery appointment and discuss potential hurdles for our dedicated driver teams to maneuver. Lastly, on the day of delivery, the end customer is notified that today is the day their order will arrive and to expect to receive delivery within a predefined hourly window.

Our communication process doesn’t stop with the end customer. Our agent delivery teams are just as important. Once registered with Valley, the order details are sent through EDI or API connections to ensure a seamless transfer of delivery data from the shipper to the delivery agent. Manifest, BOLS, DRs, delivery expectations, and contact details are other items transferred before orders arrive on the delivery agent dock. Upfront, accurate and detailed communication is why our agent delivery teams love working with Valley!

If you have cumbersome or unconventional LTL shipments that need to be delivered, you can’t go wrong with Valley Final Mile. This personalized approach sets us apart from other logistics companies and has made Valley one of the most trusted and reliable providers in the industry since 1935. Contact us today at ​finalmile@vc1935.com to learn how we can help you with your complex delivery needs.